S.A.V. S.p.A.

On industrial scale

Each production process of aluminium castings is characterized by its own specificities and peculiarities; the chemical composition of the used alloys is one of the main features to consider to examine for the production process optimization.
S.A.V. S.p.A. is able to produce any type of customized aluminium alloy in the quantity requested by the customer, guaranteeing on going quality and analytical precision over time.
S.A.V. S.p.A. Società Alluminio Veneto
Production process optimization

The chemical composition of the Aluminium alloys for remelting has an important effect on the behaviour of the molten metal, on the solidification and on the final mechanical performances of the produced casting. The customization of the alloy composition allows the optimization of the customer's production process by reducing waste and increasing productivity.
S.A.V. S.p.A. research and development laboratory supports the customer in this process through specific studies and tests to determine the chemical-physical behaviour of the liquid metal and to optimize the heat treatment and the mechanical properties of the customized alloy.